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作者 [新聞]Struts-Faces Integration Library Available



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雖然算是舊聞(18 Mar 2003 )
但是這則消息 .. 的確震奮人心

18 Mar 2003 - Struts-Faces Integration Library Available
The Struts-Faces Integration Library is an add-on library that supports the use of JavaServer Faces user interface technology in a Struts-based web application, in place of the Struts custom tag libraries. As a proof of concept, it also includes the canonical "struts-example" example web application, converted to use JavaServer Faces Tags, as well as tags from the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), version 1.0.

The source code for this library is in the contrib/struts-faces directory of the Struts CVS repository, and nightly builds are available at:

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