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作者 徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17]

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[ J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition ]

Declarations and access control, flow control,
exception handling, garbage collection, language fundamentals,
operators and assignments, overloading, overriding,
runtime type and object orientation, threads,
fundamental classes in the java.lang package, collection framework

[ J2EE technologies, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, Patterns ]

The Servlet Technology Model,
The Structure and Deployment of Web Applications,
The Web Container Model
Open Source Framework (Struts1.2, Struts Tag Libraries, Log4j, Jakarta-Commons, Velocity, DisplayTag)
The JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology Model
Building JSP Pages Using the Expression Language (EL)
Building JSP Pages Using Standard Actions
Building JSP Pages Using Tag Libraries (JSTL)
Building a Custom Tag Library
Building of business objects modelled by POJO's (Plain Old Java Objects)

J2EE Patterns -- > (Front Controller, Intercepting Filter, Business Delegate, Transfer Objects, MVC)

[ Tools ]

IBM Websphere Stack
Rational application developer 6.0
Websphere application server 6.0

Database: Oracle 9.2
Tools: TOAD

AS/400 knowledge is a plus

[ Certification ]

Sun Certified Web Component Developer = ideal candidate


[Job Title]
Software Engineer

[Job Description]
Develop a web-side user interface to access data from database.

Following the system specification document to program.

[Work Place]
Berlin, or Frankfurt, Germany

[How Long]
3-6 months…or more.
Begin Date Jun 2006
End Date Dec 2006

Per Hour 35-43 Euro/ Hour
Plane Ticket Expense Self (But receive assistance by Company)
Hotel Expense Self (But receive assistance by Company)

連絡方式 翔子(Shawn): 0930866357 or shawn.lian@gmail.com
P.S 請寄給我中英文履歷

shawnlian11 edited on 2006-05-16 18:18
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4891 徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] shawnlian11 2019 2006-05-15 17:59
4109 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] jd001982 177 2006-05-16 07:55
4050 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] shawnlian11 435 2006-05-16 18:14
3958 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] shawnlian11 114 2006-05-16 19:01
4118 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] juevampire 103 2006-05-18 08:35
3597 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] jd001982 44 2006-05-23 03:46
3554 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] piggy 73 2006-05-23 10:32
3548 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] caterpillar 105 2006-05-23 11:03
3481 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] shawnlian11 202 2006-05-26 14:15
3598 Re:徵有興趣前往德國工作[3~6個月]的資深JAVA程式設計師. [有效時間: 2006/05/17] jd001982 171 2006-05-27 06:46
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