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作者 Re:幫忙看看錯誤..... [Re:kiss9726]


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ie only, sorry for netscape users:-)add this post to my favorite list

mysql> help

MySQL commands:
Note that all text commands must be first on line and end with ';'
help (\h) Display this help.
? (\?) Synonym for `help'.
clear (\c) Clear command.
connect (\r) Reconnect to the server. Optional arguments are db and host.
ego (\G) Send command to mysql server, display result vertically.
exit (\q) Exit mysql. Same as quit.
go (\g) Send command to mysql server.
notee (\t) Don't write into outfile.
print (\p) Print current command.
quit (\q) Quit mysql.
rehash (\#) Rebuild completion hash.
source (\.) Execute a SQL script file. Takes a file name as an argument.
status (\s) Get status information from the server.
tee (\T) Set outfile [to_outfile]. Append everything into given outfile.
use (\u) Use another database. Takes database name as argument.

source a.txt或是\. a.txt 應該就是你要的。


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