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作者 [工具] Loan Calculator

Java, Ruby, Haskell


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買車 ? 買房 ? This may help you. Smile

有一天 (2002-08) 忽然想寫這個 program ...
當然, 網上多的這類 program, but
with mine you can find like:
I like pay each month as this amount, capital is like that,
and I like loan for 10 years, what is the rate ?

There are always 4 things, (1) time, (2) rate, (3) capital, (4) payment
you can calculate any one of these 4 once you give 3 others !!

Since this is personal use, I am lazy to put javadoc and comment,
it is kind of quick program ...
anyway, the program is easy to understand.
( of course there are some bug, I know it, I do not have time to fix them )

Below Executable Jar file (Source code included).

Loan.jar (10.78k)

caterpillar edited on 2004-03-04 12:30
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