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作者 Software Patterns學習地圖 [精華]

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Software Patterns Roadmap (2009.10.24五修)

Check point 1: 精通任一種OO語言及OO基本觀念

1.Thinking in Java 4/e(有中譯本) .
2.Effective Java 2/e (有中譯本)
3.The Object Primer 3/e
4.Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
5.Object Design
6.Object-Oriented Design Heuristics

Check point 2: Design Patterns入門
1.Java與樣式理論 / Java與樣式實作 (閻宏)
2.Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis, 3/e (2/e有中譯本)
3.Design Patterns Explained: A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design 2/e (1/e有中譯本)
4.Design Patterns 於 Java 語言上的實習應用(有中譯本)
5.Refactoring To Patterns (有中譯本)
6.Head First Design Patterns (有中譯本)
7.Agile Software Developement: Patterns and Practices (有中譯本)

Check point 3: 觀察別人如何使用Patterns
1.Java Design Patterns: A Tutorial
2.Applied Java Patterns (有中譯本)
3.Patterns in Java Volumn 1 (2/e),Volume 2.

Check point 4: 活用Patterns
1.Design Patterns Java Workbook (有中譯本)
2.Pattern Hatching: Design Patterns Applied (這本是以C++為例).

Check point 5: Enterprise Design Patterns
1.Patterns in Java Volume 3
3.Core J2EE Patterns 2/e (1/e有中譯本)
4.Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecure (Martin Fowler)
5.Enterprise Intergration Patterns
6.Remoting Patterns

HillSide Group(http://hillside.net) - 由Kent Beck 及Grady Booch建立,是Pattern族群的聖殿。

Classic book(經典) : Gof(有中譯本)


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