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作者 关于局部变量(local variable) 和类变量(field)问题不甚清楚,求教中

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1)What is the difference between a local variable and a field? Describe how they are similar and how they are different
我知道变量的生命周期和有效范围不同,field是类变量,有效范围和生命周期是类,local variable是函数局部变量,它的范围和周期如何定义呢?还有他们相似之处,难道就是同为类吗?
2)Describe one situation where you should make a piece of data a field rather than a local variable. Why should this be done? i.e. why would you make something a field versus a local variable?

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690 关于局部变量(local variable) 和类变量(field)问题不甚清楚,求教中 松鼠乖乖 530 2006-04-19 15:15
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