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作者 (最後3張)OCP /Oracle Java 考試卷剩最後 3 張 ,一張3000,2張6000 , 3張 8800(2019/05/27到期)

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本人手上剩最後 3 組 OCP /JAVA Voucher Number(電子票券)折讓,有效期限至2019/05/27,
目前已用不到,屬於電子考試卷,已跟Oracle 原廠確認過可
至任意VUE授權考試中心或Oracle原廠認證考試中心使用,使用人不限定為原購買人,目前單張原價為 (USD 195)
本人單張原價 $5000 (一張$3000,2張$6000計算)

意者可恰 james.chen (at) lemon.cx
歡迎加LINE詢問 camelinuk
Your Electronic Voucher numbers can be found below. These voucher numbers grant you a 100% discount for 4 Oracle Certification Program (OCP) exams.
Electronic Voucher Numbers:


Voucher Expiration Date: 27-May-19

These vouchers may be applied towards any exam delivered at a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center (PVTC), Oracle Training Center (OTC) or for a non-proctored exam at www.pearsonvue.com/oracle.

camelinuk edited on 2019-05-19 22:04
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